Records checked at Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

15 August 2002

Poor Law Union - Strabane District. Population of the district in 1881 was 2003.

Personal Names Index - nothing found for Wawn.

Prominent Person's Index - nothing found for Wawn.

Geographical Index - some references to Tullyard (detailed elsewhere).

Guide to Church Records - Register for Leckpatrick Parish Church (detailed elsewhere)

Guide to Educational Records. No school records for Tullyard exist. There are register entries for an elementary school in Leckpatrick, but the records do not exist.

Guide to Landed Estates - nothing relevant found.

Wills & Admons - ALL Will/Admon registers for 1858 - 1900 checked. No Wawn's. This is significant.
Index to Probate and Admon calendar - 1858 -1877 - no Wawns.

Ordnance Survey maps (need to recheck as I concentrated on the wrong County !)

First Valuation Records - 1836 - no Wawn's

Valuation Annual Revision Lists 1864 - 1882 - no Wawn's.

Leckpatrick Church Register (PRONI Ref MIC/1P/49)

                Includes baptisms 1838-99, 1901-1935, marriages 1845 - 1930, session minutes
                 1836 - 1872, finance records 1866, 1870, 1872.

                Alexander Wawn and John Wawn appear to have signed the church's
                articles of 'Resolution' for the formation of the church on 11 August 1836. This is significant !

                Marriage Certificate for Alexander Wawn and Anne Jane Craig (June 27 1867)
                appears in the register (copy held).

                Craig's figure prominently in the affairs of the church. James Craig and
                particularly Robert Craig.

                Other apparent children of Robert Craig listed in Leckpatrick
                Parish Church Register.

                1855 Nov 4 William L, son of Robert Craig, Farmer, Ballyskeagh
                1857 Nov 15 Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Craig, Farmer, Ballyskeagh
                1860 Aug 24 David, son of Robert Craig, Farmer, Ballyskeagh.

Abercorn Estate Papers

                    Leckpatrick Parish Church - the original lease granting perpetual tenancy to
                    Leckpatrick Church by the Duke of Abercorn in 1876 is to be found in the
                    Abercorn Papers (Ref D623/B/13/125). It is an attractive handwritten parchment.

                    A Summary of property relettings by the Duke of Abercorn around 1835 contains
                    no Wawn's.     (PRONI Ref D623/B/12 1-394)

Indexes to Births 1864 - 1880 - checked all microfilm reels for this period. There are no Wawn births recorded in this period. (PRONI Ref MIC/165). (I have also since checked indexes for 1922 to present - there are no Wawn records).

Index to Heath & Subsidy Rolls - nothing found.

Poor Law Unions 1862-1864 Indoor registers for Strabane Union Workhouses - 7 very large volumes. No Wawn's appear.

Belfast Directory 1843 - one Thomas WANN is listed as Secretary, Ulster Bank, Residence- Packenham Place.

Slaters 1846 Directory of Ireland - no Wawn's listed.

1858 Tithe Applotment - Robert Craig

            Ballyskeagh, Parish of Leckpatrick, Co Tyrone.

            Robert Craig is listed:

                    Map Ref 7 a
                    Robert Craig
                    Immediate Lessors                Same, House
                    Description of Tenement      House, Offices and Land
                    Area                                          62 Acres, 3 Rods, 10 Perches
                    Rateable Annual Val              Land    £10, 0s, 0d
                                                                       Buildings  £1

               Total Annual Valuation of Rateable Property  £11, 0s, 0d

                                also -  

                Map Ref 7 b
                James Toy
                Immediate Lessors                Robert Craig
                Description of Tenement      House, Offices and Land
                Area                                                    -
                Rateable Annual Val              Land                -
                                                                   Buildings      £0, 5s, 0d

                       Total Annual Valuation of Rateable Property  £0, 5s, 0d

                    7 c - an unoccupied house.

    Famine Immigrants

    A book called 'The Famine Immigrants' lists a similar name:

                    Vessel - Kate Horn    30 March 1849 From Liverpool to New York
                    WANWE    A    Age 24    Male        Occupation Unknown    Ref 30M020e
                                         A    Age 22    Female    Occupation Unknown    Ref 30M020e
                                        John Age 1     Child.




following Memorial is also at Rookwood Cemetery for F/Lt R D Wawn RAF 41505:

Wawn Family Tree