The Works of Charles Newby Wawn


It is intended to bring together and make widely available some of the research and records from C N Wawn. 


Wawn Family Records

These six volumes were published by C N Wawn circa 1930's. Copies were circulated to the wider Wawn family. 


CN Wawn's chart of the Descendants of Alexander Wawn of Paisley (Australian and Scottish) Family Tree (circa 1930's)

Correspondence with Australian & Scottish Wawn's

C N Wawn had been corresponding with many of the Wawn family in Australia and Scotland, seemingly with an intent to map the genealogy of the Australian Branch and to understand their origins.

Portraits of Australian Wawns

Most of the portraits on this page were sent by Dr R N Wawn to Mr C N Wawn during their correspondence.

Scottish Exchequer and early Scotland research

Various research by Charles Newby Wawn on the Scottish Exchequer and other early institutions. 






Wawn Family Tree