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This is the complete list of occurrences of 'Wawn' and 'Wawne' in 'The Times' , London from 1790 till 1980.

Gradually, these articles are being collected. Where possible (ie microfilm quality allows)  images of the articles appear, otherwise, the text of the article.

Source:    Palmers Index © by Chadwyck-Healey, Ltd

3 March 1842 CIVIL ACTIONS Bell & others vs WAWN text p6 col f
24 July 1844 PARLIAMENTARY SPEECHES J TWAWN image p3 col d

14 May 1845 IRELAND Maynooth Grant, Mr J T WAWN declines to vote image p5 col e

2 Feb 1848 BANKRUPTCIES Fox, Rippon, C A WAWN & Lishman image p2 col a

3 June 1848 PARLIAMENTARY SPEECHES J T WAWN text p3 col f

3 May 1850 ACCIDENTS Mr John Horn Twizell WAWN image p5 col e Drowned while fishing at Chollerford Bridge 1 July 1851 PARLIAMENTARY SPEECHES, J T WAWN image p3 col a

11 January 1878 WRECKS of the County of Berwick, Official inquiry image p5 col e
Pilot WAWN Dismissed the Service

3 April 1885 WAWN, W T on Queensland and New Guinea image p4 col c
Captain William Twizell Wawn

1 December 1893 BOOKS WAWN, W T South Sea Islanders(unable to locate) p3 col d
Captain William Twizell Wawn

27 June 1803 BANKRUPTCIES Cossens T & WAWNE W image p2 col a

18 May 1904 BANKRUPTCIES Hawley, Emily WAWNE image p12 col c(?)

Source - The Times Official Index

7 June 1916 TI WAWN, Captain Frederick M Killed in Action image pg 4 col c
Captain Frederick Middlemost Wawn

10 May 1917 LS 'Joyful Years, The' (WAWN, F T) (unable to locate) pg 227 col a
Publication reviewed and noticed

17 May 1917 TI Joyful Years, The' (WAWN, F T) (unable to locate) pg 236 col d
Publication reviewed and noticed

26 October 1917 WAWN, Lieutenant C N Court Martial Held image pg 11 col e

4 September 1919 LS "Green Olive Tree, A" (WAWN, F T) pg 474 col b
Publication reviewed and noticed

21 May 1921 TI WAWN, Mr Charles Will pg 13 col c (ee) (unable to locate)

9 April 1942 TI WAWN, A Flt Lieutenant C N DFC image pg 7 col b

16 May 1942 TI WAWN, A Flt Lieutenant C N Return to Australia pg 4 col c (unable to locate)

9 September 1948 TI WAWN, Mr T N Will image pg 7 col d

6 Dec 1952 TI WAWN, Dr R N Stamp Collection sold image pg 8 col c

4 March 1966 TI WAWN, Miss S Marriage image pg 14 col b

29 July 1974 TI WAWN, W J N Appointment image pg 18 col d

Date:    September 2001
Updated:   November 2001

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